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Music Miles Drumming Technical Institute

Phase 1 ( 2019)

Phil Maturano(U.S.A.)

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Tommy Igoe’s Chinese Tour

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2018 Music Miles Anniversary Celebration Concluded Successfully

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Music Miles International Percussion Instrument Education Chain


About Music Miles

Music Miles International Drumming Education Chain(MMIDEC)designed for drum teaching for teenagers specially,is a international interlocking institution which belongs to HongKong Music Miles International Education Holding Corporation. 

The operating headquarter of Music Miles of China was setted in Suzhou.

As so far Music Miles open market through setting stores in HongKong, Brazil, Spain, the United States, Argentina, Italy ,Australia and other regions or countries. 

And intensive cooperation with Bateras Beat International Music School on education, sharing teaching materials and methods, product resources belt was built all over the world. 

In the next five years, Music Miles is planing to establish 1,000 branches in China with more than 200,000 students at least. To become a truly large-scale international music education institution,.with full of hope,Music Miles will have its own branches and partners around another 20 countries and regions or even more. 


Teaching and Teaching Materials

The Music Miles International Drumming Education chain own itself technology research and development team. 

"Music Miles International Drumming Education Course Materials" was edited by Zhang Feng, a well-known drum education expert for teenagers in China.  

The first session of the course was designed and composed by Drew Hanratty, a famous American music producer. 

The textbook of Music Miles is based on the concept of “learn music, love music, play music”. 
The preparation of teaching materials is based on scientific methods, systematic ladders, and pioneering thinking patterns. 

The purpose of it is not only to enable children to learn musical knowledge effectively from the class, but also master scientific methods of drum playing. 

What's more important is that children will discover and use their creativity and innovation ability by learning the content of the teaching materials. 

They will be educated to diverge their mind so that they could really understand music and love it. 

Music Miles flagship store display

Bengbu, Anhui

Yantai, Shandong

Yingtan, Jiangxi


Product & Support

Style & Customized Percussion Accessories 

Standard Vi (Virtual System) and Decoration Style of Music Miles

Complete teaching system and professional teaching materials 

Customized uniform, back bags, dumb

 drum pads,earplugs, etc.

Music Miles & Power Sound

Tour Custom 






Music Miles & MDC 

Practice session-For beginners 

Education session-Standard teaching 

GROOVE MASTER session-For jazz drum enthusiasts 


Partnership info

Cooperation Institutions in February with Music Miles International Percussion



Partnership info in February with Music Miles International Percussion


Music Miles, an international education brand with culture, growth and development. 

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